“PEER GYNT” Project
Pilot project on sustainable social service development in Pécs.
HU 11-0009-A1-2013

Peer Gynt Community House

Don’t throw it away workshop

Human service community space and cafe

The aim of  Peer Gynt Project  is to achieve an innovative human service-development program using community planning method in downtown of Pécs, as well as at the edge of the city center and the eastern part of the city.

The Peer Gynt Community Centre  (in two buildings of Sándor Street  and Ady Endre Street), the “Do not throw it away!” Workshop at Dugonics Street and a Human Service Provider Community Space and Café in downtown will be developed in the frame of the project.

Not only local programmes, community, social, and capacity-building services will take place in the settlement-type community house, but it is intend to be the centre of local self-help groups, communities and other civil society organizations.

The main beneficiary of the project is the Municipality of Pécs. Partners are the Educators’ Centre Association, the TÁMASZ Foundation Pécs, the Fonavita Nonprofit Ltd. and the Oslo-Akershus University College of Applied Sciences – Behavioural Science Institute.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, which is implemented through a program entitled “Capacity-building and inter-institutional cooperation.”


National study tour

In the frame of the Peer Gynt Project between 24-26 August 2016 a national study tour was organized to visit Hungarian organizations which are exemplary, some good solutions can be learnt from them, as well as experiencing creative ideas which are well established in... read more

The professional planning has started

In the frame of the PG Project – with the participation of non-governmental organizations, the business sector and local human service providers as well as delegates of the public forums – a so-called StrategicWorking Group was formed in September. The... read more

2-days ‘Peer Gynt’ project kick-off meeting

The first team-building meeting of Peer Gynt Project was held in the House of Civic Communities on 03-04 May, 2016. The aim of the event was to inform the partners about the final content of the application and to discuss the specific tasks in working groups. The... read more

We visited Norway!

During a four-day- long study trip organised by the Oslo & Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Department of Behavioural Sciences, the partners of the Peer Gynt Project had the opportunity to learn about the Norwegian best-practices, community... read more

The Worlds Largest Lesson

The Worlds Largest Lesson is a United Nations initiative, aiming awarness raising about the global development goals. This years topic is gender equality. The community workers of SANSZ PLACC (in cooperation with the teachers) implemented workshops in 5 classes. The... read more

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