In the frame of the Peer Gynt Project between 24-26 August 2016 a national study tour was organized to visit Hungarian organizations which are exemplary, some good solutions can be learnt from them, as well as experiencing creative ideas which are well established in their geographical space and community . These organizations typically build communities that are disadvantaged in some indicators. Several organizations implemented their programs with the grant of the Norwegian Civil Fund.
The group has visited the following organizations: “Hi Mom!” Community House operated by the Family Friendly City Social Cooperative in Budapest; The Green Connection Association in Miskolc; The Fresco Social Cooperatives in Bódvalenke; The Mustard House Youth and Consulting Bureau in Nyíregyháza; Cultural Center Nyírbátor.

The experience gathered during the visits can be incorporated into the implementation of the Peer Gynt project’s methodes
with high-efficiency.







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